The return of Tin Pod Radio's daily...ok, not daily, rant filled, always rant filled, but never long, always too short speech therapy podcast. In this episode Brian gives his take on New Headlines... ok, he talks immigration and gives up after one article when his face turns as red as the blood from his eye ball that just popped out, and then he randomly lists a few of his favorite podcasts to listen to while America falls.

To sleep a very tired, and sometimes drunk writer dumps out a wasteland of words and thoughts from his brain so he can reboot in the morning. Under The Training Book is a journal style show that more resembles days of Diaryland and daily Blogger updates than a normal podcast with rants on politics, faith, pop culture, and pain, tests of every beep and whistle during a podcasting learning process.

You can find Brian on Twitter: @hangofwednesday
UNDER THE TRAINING BOOK, Opening Theme: Prelude by reusenoise (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. 

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