Check out the pilot of Tin Pod Radios new show. Shortlisted, the podcast where we take a Top Ten list off the internet, because there are a few, and talk about in a timed out amount of space. We just set a clock, talk for an hour, and then shut up no matter if we've made it through the list or not. We're not racing against time, we're shortlisting our big mouths.

This month's Top Ten list is: 10 Secret Space Mission Conspiracies, found on Your hosts in these are Eryn Pluim and Brian C. Williams.

Conspiracy Theories have always been around. Rumors, lies, propaganda, all things to usher in the powerful and control the weak. But what we consider a conspiracy theory in a modern world is more towards someone having to find answers not there, or maybe hidden within falsehoods and conjecture to help them through their day to day lives. Are conspiracy theories dangerous, are they any different than believing in a religion or a comic book character, and do they even exist anymore in a information age of misinformation? Question we could ask today but probably wont.

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SHORTLISTED THEME MUSIC: Ethereal Space by Snowflake (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Zep Hurme
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