Under The Training The Book is back with newly refitted teeth, bad words directed at bad people, rants on true bad ass heroes, talk about me because this is about me, and some poetry. So Under The Training Book is back to being a daily, be it very short or long, podcast series as I try to learn to talk with teeth God couldn't make but man did. Teeth that lasts and allow me to eat and not look like a hillbilly sterotype.

To sleep a very tired, and sometimes drunk writer dumps out a wasteland of words and thoughts from his brain so he can reboot in the morning. Under The Training Book is a journal style show that more resembles days of Diaryland and daily Blogger updates than a normal podcast with rants on politics, faith, pop culture, and pain, tests of every beep and whistle during a podcasting learning process.

You can find Brian on Twitter: @hangofwednesday
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